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What is the effect of hot dip galvanizing line in industrial equipment?

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Hot dip galvanizing line is also known as hot dip galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing. This is an effective metal anticorrosion method and is now mainly used in metal structures in various industries. This is a kind of steel which is rusted and immersed in a zinc liquid which has been melted at about 500 degrees Celsius. This allows the surface of the steel member to have a zinc layer, which in turn can provide an anticorrosive effect.

 hot dip galvanizing line

Advantages 1, durable and durable

Hot dip galvanizing lines have many advantages. At the time of treatment, the cost of hot dip galvanizing rust is lower than that of other paint coatings. At the same time, this hot-dip galvanizing has a long-lasting effect. In the suburban environment, the standard hot-dip galvanizing rust thickness can be maintained for more than 50 years, and there is no need to repair it. In some urban or offshore areas, the standard hot-dip galvanized rust-proof layer can be repaired for twenty years. The zinc layer and the steel are metallurgically combined and become part of the steel surface, so the life of hot-dip galvanizing is also long and strong.

Advantage 2, not easy to be worn, simple structure

The hot-dip galvanized coating has a high toughness, and the galvanized layer forms a special metallurgical structure that can withstand the wear and tear caused by the machine during transportation and use. This hot-dip galvanizing has comprehensive protection. On each plated part, it is plated with zinc, which has protective effects in some recesses and hidden places.

In the galvanizing process of hot dip galvanizing line, the whole construction is more convenient and fast, and can save a lot of time, which can reduce a lot of construction costs. The hot dip galvanized layer can be visually inspected so that it can quickly find some defects and quickly modify them, which can bring many benefits to the entire construction process.

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