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What is the difference between Galvanizing Lines and Hot Galvanizing Lines? Manufacturer teaches you to distinguish between these two small parts galvanized wire!

source: 07.02,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

    Galvanizing line of products on the market now has a lot of, can be roughly divided into two categories: one is continuous hot galvanizing line, another kind is continuous electric galvanized wire, so how do you differentiate between the two widgets galvanizing line? Don't worry, the factory will give you some advice!


    Generally speaking, the main difference between continuous galvanizing lines and continuous hot galvanized wires is that they are produced in different ways. Continuous hot galvanizing line is put in the boiler to dissolve the zinc, and then get the dissolved liquid, and the continuous electric galvanized line is as the name implies through the electrode reaction. The manufacturer can easily distinguish the two different parts of galvanized wire by the production method.

    2. Compared with continuous hot galvanizing line, continuous electric galvanizing line is used on steel, and its antiseptic effect is far less than that of continuous hot galvanizing line. The main reason is the continuous electric galvanizing line on the galvanized quantity is short of continuous hot galvanizing line so much, and how in accordance with the distribution is not uniform, so will shorten the service life, generally with a two or three years to be rusted, and some of the bad quality of continuous electric galvanizing line in dry environment may not ten days can produce rust. Therefore, we also suggest that consumers can choose continuous hot galvanized wire when purchasing small parts galvanized wire.

    The process of hot and cold galvanizing is also different. Cold galvanizing is the raw materials with chemical reagents or chemical method for cleaning first and then in the plating solution, and zinc galvanizing is the raw materials directly into the liquid inside, then generate the method of zinc alloy. These two small parts of galvanized wire because of the production process is different so there is also a great difference in performance.

    Listen to the above introduction, believe you also have a certain understanding of small parts galvanizing lines, in the time of purchase do not make a mistake!


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