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Is it difficult to finish hot dip galvanizing

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In different environments such as atmosphere and soil, steel will be corroded to varying degrees, which will affect normal use. If anti-corrosion treatment is carried out, its corrosion can be delayed and its life can be prolonged. At present, hot dip galvanizing is an effective way to prevent corrosion, which is to coat uniform zinc alloy coating on the surface of steel to prevent external oxidation, and it also plays a good role in protecting the internal steel.

Compared with other anti-corrosion treatments, zinc plating obviously has better effect. Because zinc alloys are consumed very slowly in the atmosphere and have longer service life than other coatings, galvanized steel is not easy to be corroded, and has a good effect in different environments and a long service life. At present, many galvanizing plants use special galvanizing equipment to complete the production of products. Galvanizing products are used in construction, chemical industry, metallurgy and other fields. Hot dip galvanizing can effectively protect the steel surface from damage, and it is not difficult to finish galvanizing treatment nowadays. Establishing modern production line and purchasing galvanizing equipment can make galvanizing plant run normally.

Hot dip galvanizing

The process of galvanizing is not complicated. Simply speaking, the steel is washed in the solution of hydrochloric acid solution and water in proportion, and the iron oxide on the surface of the material is removed. Then it is immersed in the molten zinc solution. The zinc alloy protective film is formed by direct chemical reaction of zinc and iron, which can prevent the oxidation corrosion of the material surface. Both large and small processing plants can complete the galvanizing process, but the quality of galvanized products is different, which depends on the equipment used and the details of galvanizing process. The quality of hot dip galvanizing can be judged by pickling method, measuring method and hammering method. The products with good quality have good anticorrosion effect and longer service life.

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