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A galvanizing pot or an inner heated ceramic?

source:galvanizing pot 05.28,2019 author:Hebei Annuo

Hot galvanizing is an effective method for metal antiseptic treatment, which can ensure the long life of ordinary metals and the ideal use effect. Because ordinary metals will be affected by weather, soil and other factors to varying degrees of corrosion, galvanizing treatment is to protect these metals from corrosion, natural life extension. During hot galvanizing, zinc liquid is heated, and zinc liquid is used to raise temperature through galvanizing pots.

There are many boilers and equipment to be used in the industry, and industrial boilers are also more common. However, for different processes, the selected industrial boilers should have different types. The boiler in galvanizing treatment heats the zinc liquid. When the temperature of the zinc liquid reaches 400 degrees or more, the zinc liquid is molten, so that the ordinary metal can be immersed in the zinc liquid to produce a chemical reaction, and the surface of the metal is coated with a uniform zinc alloy coating., Protect the metal from external oxidation. The choice of galvanized pots is good, and it provides protection for hot galvanized treatment. It is more suitable for internal heating ceramic boilers. This is composed of industrial ceramic galvanizing pot, protective heaters, and automatic temperature control systems. The pot body itself does not produce zinc residue, heat efficiency, impact resistance, so the service life of the pot body is very long.

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The hot galvanizing treatment with ceramic boiler can ensure the temperature is constant, and the heat efficiency is fast and the production efficiency is improved. The pot body is resistant to impact. Whether it is used or cleaned during use, there is no need to worry about damaging the boiler and convenient boiler maintenance. Using such a boiler for natural use is more satisfying. The choice of boiler purchase can be referenced according to the production technology and popularity of boiler manufacturers. The determined galvanizing pot requires zinc liquid temperature control and quality to meet the standards for use.

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