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What are the criteria for hot dip zinc plating?

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Steel materials used in the atmosphere, soil and other environments will undergo varying degrees of corrosion, and a large amount of steel materials will be lost each year due to corrosion. Corrosion materials naturally can not be used properly because of their short life span. In order to protect steel materials from corrosion, some measures must be taken. Nowadays, the effective way to delay the corrosion of materials is hot dip galvanizing.

The surface of the steel material is washed with acid, the surface is removed from the iron oxide, and after the acid is washed in a mixed aqueous solution of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride, and then immersed in the molten zinc liquid, through the reaction and diffusion between zinc and iron. The steel surface will be coated with zinc alloy coating with good adhesion, preventing the steel surface from being oxidized by the outside world, naturally slowing corrosion and extending its life. Metal corrosion treatment is not only hot dip galvanizing, but at present, all metal corrosion treatment is still better galvanizing treatment, low process cost, so it is widely used in construction, chemicals, machinery and other fields. With the development of the galvanizing industry, there are also many galvanizing manufacturers.

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To provide galvanized products is to complete the process of galvanizing steel materials. The quality of products is related to the manufacturer's technology. How to determine if galvanizing meets the standard? It can be seen that the thickness of the galvanized layer, because the steel surface composition, organization, and structure are different, the thickness of the galvanized layer is not completely uniform, and can be detected by measurement, acid washing, and other methods. Again, to see whether the coating is solid, you can see whether the coating is closely related to the steel surface by punching and punching. If the coating is stripped off because of punching, it means that the galvanizing is not up to standard, whether it is finishing or moving products. hot dip galvanizing coating must not be stripped to meet the standard.

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