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It is necessary to understand the several requirements of using a galvanized pan

source:industrial galvanizing kettle supplier 04.27,2019 author:Hebei Annuo

Hot galvanized production and processing in many industries today have obvious advantages, can effectively extend the service life of products, good safety. From the hot galvanizing process, the use of various galvanizing equipment is very important, so how to guarantee good processing? According to the treatment, it is more common to galvanizing pots, etc., and the stable performance of the processing is good. Then how should we achieve good use? What do you need to know?

Regarding the use of galvanizing pots, it is necessary to first understand the structure and function of the equipment to see if it meets the actual production and processing requirements. The production and processing process of hot galvanizing is relatively rigorous. Through the formation of a protective layer of high-temperature zinc liquid on the outside of the metal product, it can effectively enhance durability and corrosion resistance, can have very strong compressive properties, and its service life can be extended. In order to have a good processing effect, it is necessary to ensure that the entire galvanizing process is uniform and has good adhesion. In the use of zinc pots, it is necessary to pay attention to good temperature control and adjust it appropriately in light of the actual needs of production and processing. Try not to overheat to ensure good processing properties.

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At the same time, hot galvanized boilers should be used in strict accordance with their own operating specifications and related requirements. When using, care should be taken to clean up, zinc slag, etc. should not be concentrated on boilers, so as not to affect the actual use of the effect. In addition, it is necessary to clean up the boiler in a timely manner to have a good production and processing status and ensure the treatment effect of actual production and processing.

The use of galvanizing pot needs to understand a lot of matters, in the actual production of processing should be strictly in accordance with the relevant requirements, to ensure the smooth processing of galvanized processing, more stable processing guarantee.

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