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The galvanizing kettle allows the material to burn more fully

source: 07.18,2018 author:hebeiannuo

Boiler is the equipment that needs to be used in industrial production process, boiler is loaded dye combustion, undertake other product processing production. If the boiler used is good, there will be no safety hazard and the service life of the boiler will be prolonged. The common boilers will scale up when they are used for a long time, which will affect the heat transfer efficiency and lead to insufficient burning of dyes. The problem can be solved by using galvanizing kettle.

galvanizing kettle

What are the benefits of galvanized boilers? Galvanized processing is hot-dip galvanized, the boiler in liquid zinc, and zinc in chemical reactions, the boiler is can have generated zinc alloy coating on the surface of boiler, which is equivalent to have protective film on the surface of boiler, to prevent the outside world and the reaction of the boiler, the boiler is not easy to corrosion. Many of today's industrial equipment is made of steel and metal, which can be corroded to varying degrees in different environments and damaged even more over time. Galvanized furnace can have good anti-corrosion effect, even in industrial production, it is not easy to be corroded, the service life is longer, more energy saving.

Want to use corrosive performance good boiler, look for what kind of manufacturer to buy? Hot dip galvanized processing good manufacturer can more reassuring, hot dip galvanized finish should pass feeding, after all, pickling and passivation process steps, and is not a simple direct can be galvanized. First, the surface of the boiler must be cleaned of iron rust or scaling, and then the solution of acid washing, water washing, after the zinc treatment, zinc even passivation treatment. You don't need to consider such a complicated process if you buy a galvanizing kettle directly.


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