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What are the common methods used by manufacturers to produce galvanized wires for small parts?

source: 07.03,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

        About small parts galvanizing lines production way most people may not know, but to produce the product, or galvanized steel is widely used in the life is, let's together to get to know the manufacturer is to use what method to produce small parts of galvanizing line!

small parts galvanizing lines

        The first: the kirk nolt method. Another name for this method is the helin method. Specific process is the raw material (steel plate, etc.) first coated with a layer of plating aid, the plating aid role is to prevent the raw materials in the process of heating, because of the high temperature oxidation probably around inside the boiler heated to 250 ℃, can take it out on the zinc pot went inside, finally can give galvanized raw materials. However, this method was gradually eliminated in the process of use, because the quality of galvanized wires produced by this method was not good, so it was no longer used.

        The second: the Silas method. This production method can be subdivided into two types. And wisdom of the first kind is just method, on the basis of Lin to put the raw materials for pickling or skim before galvanized, another way is, if it is to the higher hardness of galvanized products, raw materials directly into the furnace, with the flame and high temperature off the grease and galvanized. However, this method is not practical in the production of small parts galvanized wire.

        The third: the senkimil method. This method can be summarized in chemical terms as REDOX method. The raw material is put into the oxidizing furnace, the grease is removed at high temperature and then the crystallization is formed in the reducing furnace. Finally, go into the zinc pot and galvanized. It can be said that compared with the first two methods, this method is widely used to produce small parts galvanizing lines.

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