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What is the most common method used by the manufacturer to produce small parts galvanizing lines ? What new galvanized wires are developing?

source: 06.30,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

    With the development of galvanizing line, these two years, many manufacturers have also gradually started to produce new product line, in addition to the original continuous electric galvanizing line and continuous hot galvanizing line, there are some other small parts galvanizing lines   , and the method of production has been further improved, the specific is what? I'm going to give you a brief introduction.


    The current method used by manufacturers to produce galvanized wires for small parts is the United States steel association method. Steel union law was in Mr Jimmy, an enhancement of the above, because manufacturers have found in use, Jimmy's method in the production of the widget galvanizing line, gradually exposed some problems: first, the simple use of heating furnace wash grease will appear on the surface of the steel can't clean dirt clean, second, in oxidation furnace is inevitably there will be some air into the case, which directly affect the quality of the galvanized layer, cannot form a good protective layer on steel surface.

    And the United States steel association method is to abandon the previous simple use of heating furnace to remove the steel grease method, now most of the use of electrolytic degreasing technology, very convenient and convenient. And in the reduction furnace, also is no longer used high temperature heating, but with a radiant tube heating, so avoid contact with air, the fire will be relatively form an anaerobic environment, not large influence on the quality of the galvanized layer, galvanizing line to produce small parts is high quality.

With the development of technology and people is higher and higher requirement for the quality of the product, now of the widget also appeared in the galvanizing lines  production line and aluminium zinc silicon aluminium zinc plating production line, and the mode of production and production process than those who are a bit different than before, and considering the application scope is not particularly wide, there is no detail.


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