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The product that galvanizes a line to process can cause leakage plating? The manufacturer will help you analyze the reasons

source: 06.29,2018 author:Hebei Annuo

    When the product is processed on the galvanizing lines the phenomenon of "leakage plating" is inevitable. What is leakage plating? Plating leakage is belong to the surface of the metal material in a serious defect, and leakage on plating products are unqualified, then we, from the perspective of producers for the cause of the leaking plating.


    Oil spot, that the first reason is that raw materials have some stain, not able to completely remove, before we introduce several methods about galvanized wire production process, there is mentioned the original old processing way is to use the upper material, high temperature grease off entirely, but the disadvantage of this method is you can't guarantee will completely remove all of the above besmirch, raw materials in the galvanizing line of galvanized, can appear flaw, has caused the so-called plating leakage.

    The second reason is that before the reduction furnace, partial oxidation serious phenomenon appeared, the raw materials after such raw materials into the reduction furnace, it can not completely be reduction, again in galvanized, galvanized line will be formed in the surface spots, this is also a typical plating leakage phenomenon.

    The third reason is about oxidation furnace, because of improper seal, or other reasons, led to reduction furnace into the inside most of the oxygen, so the reduction furnace in fact become a oxidation furnace, then the raw materials into the reduction, it is actually the oxidation away, can form a lot of rust on the surface. Iron rust is one of the important factors in the formation of leakage plating in galvanizing line.

    Manufacturers in the galvanizing lines from the above reasons, time for production, must pay attention to protect good manufacturing process line, the oxidation of if there is a serious problem, will form the plating leakage phenomenon.

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